Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts Raffle

Current Jackpot $35,400 


Join the fun of the exciting Queen of Hearts Raffle. This is a progressive raffle until the Queen of Hearts is drawn. The winner splits the jackpot with the Post 50/50. Yes, the winner receives 50% of the announced jackpot the day of the raffle. Tickets are 3 of $5. The beginning jackpot is $1000 and grows as players purchase raffle tickets. One ticket is selected per week and that winner selects the card from the Queen of Hearts board to be turned over. Select the Queen of Hearts and you are the winner. Other cards in the deck are also winners. Minimum winners are $10.00.

Tickets are on sale daily during bar business hours. Tickets are available for purchase until 6:00 PM on MONDAY’S AND THURSDAY’S drawings. The winning ticket will be drawn at 6:00 PM sharp in the Post Bar.